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We do not need a reason to want a better future

we need a way of achieving it
Our mission is to accelerate the transition to a peer-to-peer data economy that regenerates our planet and empowers humanity with equal chances to learn, partake and succeed.

Today's Internet

Is Broken

The Internet is not neutral anymore. It is owned by large corporations that build highly-inefficient, costly, and unsustainable data centers. Free applications and platforms collect our data and turn us into products.


This is not just an upgraded Internet, it’s a new Internet – built from the ground up to offer real data sovereignty, security, and performance, while regenerating our planet.

Peer-to-Peer puts people back in control

With ThreeFold, you can reserve and use Internet capacity directly on the hardware level instead of going through centralized cloud providers. You can communicate with your friends and colleagues directly, without passing through any intermediaries. And the technology stack provides you with true data sovereignty and full access rights over your data.

An Internet available to everyone

Despite Internet access being a human right, about 40% of the world remains unconnected. ThreeFold incentivizes Farmers to expand planet positive and data sovereign capacity to new regions, and with our partners we’re developing solutions to provide education, financial inclusion, and Internet access at a price affordable to all.

A solution to regenerate our planet

Today’s Internet consumes about 10% of the world’s energy. ThreeFold infrastructure saves up to 90% on energy consumption compared to existing models. But we didn’t stop there. To regenerate our planet, we commit to farm 3x the amount of carbon credits as the grid consumes.

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A solution to regenerate our planet


We have carefully chosen the right partnerships to implement our vision.


Bringing Fair Data to Farmers

Current supply chain models can be complicated and easily mismanaged, and they often exploit farmers and producers. Through our collaboration with Solidaridad, ThreeFold’s autonomous and secure technology will bring verifiability to data and create transparent supply chains.


Empowering Global Education

Today, education remains inaccessible for millions of children around the world. This is not fair. By partnering with Take Action Global, we will bring local Internet capacity to developing regions, and build educational platforms that empower the forgotten leaders of tomorrow.


Connecting the Unconnected

The demand for connectivity is higher than ever before. But current approaches are harmful to our planet. We must find sustainable ways to connect the remote regions of this world and the billions being left behind. This is the focus of our partnership with Kleos, a new responsible telecom solution.


Decentralizing Everything

ThreeFold will develop end-user and enterprise peer-to-peer solutions using ThreeFold’s peer-to-peer infrastructure and Digibyte's most secure blockchain to enable true data sovereignty for humanity. Together, we are paving the way to an equal, secure and fairly-distributed world.

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ThreeFold exists to help humanity to thrive. We don’t see ourselves as a company, but more like humans helping other humans.

Our mission is bold and motivates every step we take.

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