ThreeFold Token

Current price: 0.10 USD/TFT Aggregated Avg Weighted Price

ThreeFold Token a decentralized digital currency backed by the fastest growing commodity in the world — The Internet.

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ThreeFold Token


100% of ThreeFold Tokens are asset backed by the fastest growing commodity in the world, the internet. Tokens only get generated when servers get connected to the internet. Each token is at least 6 times undervalued compared to the commercial value of the newly connected capacity.

Reliable & Secure

The ThreeFold blockchain does not suffer from the “ Blockchain Dilemma Problem”. Our blockchain is fast, scalable and secure at the same time, which is to date not possible with other blockchain technologies. This is a major breakthrough.

Good For The Planet

The ThreeFold Token is a result of mining useful internet capacity. We call this farming. Our blockchain is 100% energy neutral. The produced internet capacity uses up to 10 times less energy, it removes the need for centralized power hungry data centers.

Step 1. Download Wallet

Your wallet is the software you use to send, receive and store TF Tokens.

TFChain Core

Core Client for ThreeFold Blockchain that can be run on Windows, OSX, Linux in a preconfigured docker container.

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Only available as a Command line interface. Best suitable for more technical users, who want full control and flexibility.

iOS wallet

A wallet that puts you in control of your funds and runs on your iPhone.

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Android wallet

Wallet that puts you in control of your funds and runs on your Android device.

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Step 2. Read our tips, manuals and how-to's

and learn how to go from fiat to ThreeFold Tokens

Buy Bitcoin

There are several ways to obtaining Bitcoin, we listed some of those ways on our Wiki

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Exchange Bitcoin for TFTs on BTC-Alpha

We made an easy and digestable manual that explains how to exchange your BTC for TFT

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Step 3. Get ThreeFold Tokens


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TF Exchange

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Atomic Swaps

Wallet Version

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ThreeFold Stats and Explorers

Token Price:


Token Capitalization:

$65 million

Daily Trading Volume:


Token Utilization

Use ThreeFold Token’s in your project or business — “A Fast, Scalable, Secure and Decentralized Digital Currency backed by Internet Capacity”

Fast & Scalable

High transaction volumes including a capacity to support micro transactions without compromising speed and performance

Low Fees & Liquid

Low network fees along with high liquidity availability to help your initiative thrive, min fee @ .10 Cents USD

Secure & Valuable

Dedicated decentralised nodes power the ThreeFold Token and its backed by internet capacity.