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The Threefold Token is the official currency of ThreeFold – the engine for a planet positive and data sovereign Internet. Now is the perfect time to get involved.
ThreeFold Token

TFT powers an Internet owned by all of us

The official medium of exchange for capacity on ThreeFold

Expand the Grid

Expand the Grid

TFT are created when people and organizations add capacity to the ThreeFold Grid. The token economy is limited to 4 Billion TFT.

Use the Grid

Use the Grid

With TFT, you, your business and your community can reserve sovereign capacity on the ThreeFold Grid to store your data and build IT workloads.

More than just a digital currency

Be an active part of the change you want to see in our world. TFT is the lifeblood of ThreeFold – an Internet that provides data sovereignty to people while regenerating the earth.


Control your own funds

You control your own funds with your wallets as proof of ownership – no third parties needed.


Always stay secure

Digital currencies are secured by blockchain technology. It protects your wallet, your TFT and your transactions.


Transact peer-to-peer

Sending TFT to your contacts is like exchanging cash in-person. There are no intermediaries such as banks, and you can do it with anyone, anywhere.


Strong utility

1 TFT represents a unit of compute and/or storage on ThreeFold and gives you access to peer-to-peer tools, solutions, and applications.


Be decentralized

TFT is decentralized and global. There’s no company or bank that can print more of them or change the terms of usage. The TFT economy is capped at 4 Billion.


Have an Impact

TFT supports a data sovereign and planet positive Internet. People own their data and by using ThreeFold, they help regenerate the earth.

TFT underpins the ThreeFold financial system

Not satisfied with payments, the ThreeFold community is building a whole
financial system that's peer-to-peer and accessible to everyone. In 2021,
TFT will run on a peer-to-peer exchange, providing the ThreeFold community
with protection mechanisms for a resilient economy.

Why does TFT have value?

TFT is valuable in different ways for different people.

For TFT holders, TFT is valuable because it is worth actual sovereign capacity.

Today, TFT is becoming more valuable to people and organizations as they can deploy their solutions and applications on ThreeFold with full data sovereignty and security.

Many also believe that ThreeFold’s Internet architecture is the most advanced in the world and buy TFT to support the further developments of the ThreeFold technology stack.

Of course, there are those whomany also see it as an investment, similar to Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. But TFT shouldn’t be seen as an investment instrument or a way for short- term gains and speculation. The TFT isas it represents a way to participate in a planet positive and data sovereign Internet.

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